Billing & Insurance

For any appointments at Digestive Disease Center of South Georgia, you can expect to be responsible for the following:

Insurance Co-Payment: This fee is due at the time of service

Past Due Balances: Generally, if there is a balance due on your account you will be expected to pay the balance at the time of your visit with us if not before. In the event that you have a balance that is more than 60 days old we reserve the right to take further collection action in order to bring your account up to date.

It is your responsibility to understand your insurance benefits. We do not check insurance benefits. However, we do make every effort to obtain any necessary authorizations or precertification for your office visit and/or procedure.

Your insurance company will send you an Explanation of Benefits that will explain how we billed for services and what they paid.

We accept cash, checks and credit or debit cards.

Nothing more important than you

Our physicians are dedicated to delivering expert compassionate care and provide individual treatment according to our conversation with you regarding your personal history and symptoms you are experiencing. We strive to deliver the best service always.