Liver Biopsy

A liver biopsy is a procedure in which your health care provider removes a sample of liver tissue for examination under a microscope.

This procedure is used to test for liver diseases such as cirrhosis, hepatitis and tumors. It is also used to check the progress of treatment in diseases such as chronic hepatitis.

A liver biopsy is done using local anesthesia which means the anesthetic numbs the area around the lower ribs on the right side of the body. This procedure is usually done with a CT or ultrasound scan to help direct the needle.

Plan to have someone accompany you to this appointment and drive you home after the procedure. You will need to allow time to rest after the procedure and have someone help you with your day to day duties as you should not pick up heavy items or move in a twisting motion for a few days following.

Please follow your health care provider’s instructions completely before and after the procedure and call our office if you have any questions.

Call your provider right away if:

• You develop a fever
• You have new pain or change or worsening of pain or other symptoms
• There is any unusual drainage from the biopsy area (including bloody drainage)

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